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IgG/A Food Sensitivity

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Food Sensitivity Testing provides invaluable information and insight into foods that could be disrupting your digestive system.  IgG/A nutrition testing takes out any guess work with a microscopic view at your bodies immune response to specific foods. IgG/A food test for more than blood antibodies, they also test antibodies from mucosal membranes. Food sensitivity testing can give you insight into disease vulnerabilities and ways to improve your overall immune function and performance. 

*Please speak to your Doctor when utilizing food sensitivity testing to address  your specific health conditions.

Your gut health is composed of many types of microorganisms that can both positively and negatively effect your digestive balance.  There is an every growing body of research that describing how gut health is connected to mood disorders and imbalances.  Understanding how to bring our microbiome into balance is vital information. In many cases, knowing what types of bacteria may be overabundant, and which are lacking can help your energy levels and mood so that you can perform at your best.

*Please speak to your a Mental Health Professional when utilizing microbiome or food sensitivity testing to address  your specific health conditions.

Cellular health is paramount when it comes to proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. The same molecules that serve as the power source for your whole bodies when absorbed correctly, becomes an nearly unrecognized invader when allowed into the blood stream undigested.  You cannot perform at your best if your gastro-intestinal wall is not in perfect form.  Improving gastro-intestinal absorption can unlock performance that has been hindered by an overactive immune response to digestive imbalances.

*Please seek out the advice of a Gastroenterologist if you believe you have, or become aware of any concerns regarding specific health conditions such as IBD, Crones Disease, or Celiac Disease.

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